We are excited to share that our online donation software platform, called Classy, can now accept bank transfer gifts. Sometimes called electronic checks or ACH gifts, bank transfer donations are withdrawn directly from your bank account without using a debit or credit card.

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Important Update About Logging into Your Online Donor Account

Bank transfer gifts in Classy are processed securely using your online banking login credentials through a third party integration called Plaid.

That means that instead of typing your bank account number and routing number directly into the donation form, you simply log into your online banking account in order to authorize the transaction. For your security, your username and password are never shared with the Mission or with Classy.

Is My Banking Information Secure?

Definitely. Your online banking login credentials are never shared with the Mission or Classy, our donation form software provider. In fact, this method of logging into your online banking account to authorize the transaction is technically more secure than simply typing your account number and routing number into the form (and that method is already secure too).

Classy plans to also develop the option for donors to type in their bank account information directly, but this online banking login method was developed first in order to allow bank transfer gifts before the fall of 2020. Directly typing in your bank account information should be available sometime in the spring of 2021.

How to Make an Online Bank Transfer Donation

  • To get started making a bank transfer gift, go to any Mission donation form.
  • Fill in your contact and gift details.
  • Click Bank Transfer underneath the credit card field.
  • A window will appear telling you about Classy’s integration with Plaid. Press continue.
  • Select your bank or search for your bank.
    • If your bank is not available, exit this screen in order to give by debit card instead.
  • On the next screen, type in your username and password for your online banking access and click Submit.
    • If you do not use online banking, exit this screen in order to give by debit card instead.
  • Select a method of two-factor authentication, and click continue. (What is this?)
  • Type in the confirmation code you received, and click submit.
  • Select the appropriate bank account for your gift, and click continue.
  • Back on the donation form, check the box to authorize Classy to electronically debit your account.
  • Type in the rest of your payment details and click Give Now to complete the transaction.