We are excited to share that we have updated our online donation software to a platform called Classy. Classy is a modern, online fundraising system with many new tools that will improve your online experience with the Mission, including things like better access to your online donor account.

These instructions will help you get access to the account that was created the first time you gave to the Mission using this new platform. For monthly donors before June 11, 2020, your online donor account was automatically created for you when we moved your scheduled donations into Classy. You can follow the same instructions to access your new Classy account as well.

Important Update About Logging into Your Online Donor Account

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Getting Started

A Classy account was automatically created for you when we moved your scheduled donations into our new system, but you won’t be able to access your account until you update your password.

Accessing your online account is not required in order to keep your monthly gifts active. Your gifts will still occur each month, but you won’t be able to manage your giving or update your payment settings online without following these steps to connect to your new account.

Reset Your Password to Access Your Account

  • Visit FortCollinsRescueMission.org/Login.
  • Click the button that says “Access Your Classy Account to View or Manage Donations.”
  • Click “Forgot password?” to create a new password to access your account.
  • Type in your email address used to set up your gift.
  • Click “Send.” The screen will then update to show an empty field labeled “Magic reset code.” Do not close your browser or navigate away from this screen.
  • In a new tab, open your email inbox.
  • You’ll receive an email from Classy.org with a password reset code included. Copy and paste that code into the field labeled “Magic reset code” mentioned earlier.
  • Click “Submit.”
  • Type in your new password taking special note of the secure password requirements listed on the page, and click “Submit.”
  • Click “Continue” to finish logging into your Classy account, and you’re done!

TIP: You can also use your Facebook account to login, but only if your Facebook account uses the same email address as the one you used to set up your donation(s).

Still need help? Contact us online or call us at 303.297.1815.

Four Things You May Notice
In Your New Account

When you reset your password and open up your new Classy account to view your donations to Denver Rescue Mission, you may notice a few new updates:

  1. You can customize profile photo and update your contact information.
  2. One-time online donations will now appear in your giving history.
  3. Your profile will likely say “Supporting Since 2020,” simply because your donations in the Classy platform started in 2020.
    • Many of our faithful supporters have been giving for years, and we know and value your dedication to this work. Unfortunately, we cannot update these online profiles to match the full history of your partnership with us. 
  4. Some gifts made online earlier this year will not appear in your giving history.
    • Any gifts made before June 11, 2020 will not appear in your giving history. This is because gifts made before June 11, 2020 were made on our former online donation software and cannot be imported as historical giving data on your new account.
    • For the 2020 tax season, you will automatically receive a printed giving statement if you gave more than $250 total for the year. If you need a giving statement at any other time, please contact us.

Other Helpful Resources

Here are a few resources from Classy you can use to become familiar with your new account.