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With the support of our community, we create lasting change in the lives of homeless men and women in Fort Collins.

Here’s How.


People who are hungry receive healthy meals in an encouraging environment, building trusting relationships with staff who can speak into their day-to-day struggles.


Men and women are offered safe and warm shelter, away from the dangers of the street. This provides a basic level of stability, enabling people to focus on long-term solutions.

New Life Program

A unique program at the Mission’s Harvest Farm, where participants spend up to a year in an immersive, rehabilitation program focusing on education, work-readiness, and relationship building.

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“All throughout my life, whenever I was comfortable, I wasn’t making progress. I wasn’t growing…. The number one thing I’m trying to really base my life around now is being uncomfortable for the right reasons.”

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“There’s a lot more people out there who are like me than I realized and they go through fairly similar struggles.”

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Philip’s path to homelessness started when he was very young. As a teenager, he began to feel the effects the abuse and absence of love from his parents, which led him to abusing alcohol…

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Lend your hands and heart to help homeless neighbors.

Your monthly gift will make a lasting difference in the lives of people in need.

Have a car you want to donate for a good cause? Help provide reliable transportation to our long-term program graduates.

Our Impact

Meeting people at their physical and spiritual points of need

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Meals Provided

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Nights of Shelter

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New Life Program Graduates

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Steps to Success Transitions Out of Shelter

Hope Starts With You
Give now to help men and women overcome homelessness and find a path to better lives.

The Latest

Harvest Farm: A Refuge for Recovery

Harvest Farm: A Refuge for Recovery

October 28, 2020
Harvest Farm, a 100-acre farm in Wellington, is a refuge for men to overcome addiction and homelessness. Dan, one of the participants in the Farm’s New Life Program, struggled with alcoholism until he made the choice to step away from a lifestyle that was dragging him away from his family. That’s when Dan decided to come to the Fa…
Warm a Heart Holiday Drive 5

Warm a Heart Holiday Drive

Ways to Give
October 20, 2020
Give the gift of warmth this holiday season. Join us for the Warm a Heart Holiday Drive. You can provide new winter clothing to outfit men experiencing homelessness in our community. Our goal is to warm 150 hearts this Christmas seas…
Peer Leaders

The Ripple Effect: NLP Graduates Give Back

Stories of Changed Lives
October 1, 2020
Like a stone dropped in a pond creating ripples that move outward, one life changed through Harvest Farm has the power to transform many more. The Peer Leader Program allows this ripple effect to happ…