With the support of our community, we create lasting change in the lives of homeless men in Fort Collins.

Here’s How.


People who are hungry receive healthy meals in an encouraging environment, building trusting relationships with staff who can speak into their day-to-day struggles.


Men experiencing homelessness are offered safe and warm shelter, away from the dangers of the street. This provides a basic level of stability, enabling them to focus on long-term solutions.

New Life Program

A unique program at the Mission’s Harvest Farm, where participants spend up to a year in an immersive, rehabilitation program focusing on education, work-readiness, and relationship building.

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“When I got [to Harvest Farm], I was ready to allow God and other people to expose in me [things] I needed to get rid of… I truly wanted to change the aspects of myself that I’ve never been able to change on my own.”

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“I asked the Lord to put me in a place where I could do the most good for Him. I’m relieving suffering. Having experienced it myself, I know the despair and horror of it.”

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“Anybody could end up in this situation. When people see you come in with a backpack and dirty clothes or unwashed hair, they just look at you.”

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Lend your hands and heart to help homeless neighbors.

Your monthly gift will make a lasting difference in the lives of people in need.

Our Impact

Meeting people at their physical and spiritual points of need

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Meals Provided

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Nights of Shelter

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New Life Program Graduates

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Of graduates maintained housing after graduation

Hope Starts With You
Give now to help men and women overcome homelessness and find a path to better lives.

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