Why Should I Donate Stock?

Making a gift of securities is simple and offers a number of valuable financial benefits:

  • No capital gain to be recognized
  • Full value of stock is tax deductible
  • May qualify for Homeless Contribution Tax Credit
  • Stocks, Bonds and most Mutual Funds are accepted

Please note: We may not be able to accept some mutual funds directly into our account. If you wish to make a gift of mutual funds, please contact us.

How to Donate Stock – Three Easy Steps

Step 1) Notify the Mission

To confirm the proper crediting of your stock donation, please contact us or have your broker contact us to notify us that the transfer is underway.

Have questions? Please contact us or call 303.297.1008 for assistance.

Step 2) Transfer Stock

Provide your broker or financial adviser with the following information:

  • Fort Collins Rescue Mission Broker: LPL Financial
  • Financial Consultant: Pat Alfano
  • Account Name: Denver Rescue Mission
  • Account Number: 7433-3257
  • Contact Phone Number: 303.586.9435
  • Email: Patrick.Alfano@lpl.com
  • DTC #: 0075
  • DTC Text Box: Your Name and contact info

If your institution requires a letter of authorization, please download a sample authorization letter.

Step 3) Optional: Homeless Contribution Tax Credit

The Homeless Contribution tax credit allows a dollar-for-dollar reduction in state taxes owed by an amount equal to 25% of in-kind (stock) donations to Fort Collins Rescue Mission of more than $5,000.

Visit our Homeless Contribution Tax Credit page for complete details about this opportunity.

We will keep this information updated in compliance with the Colorado Department of Revenue. Please remember to check here for any updates or changes and always consult a tax professional.