Fort Collins Rescue Mission operates locally under Denver Rescue Mission. Denver Rescue Mission is both an equal opportunity employer and a distinctly faith-based Christian organization. Denver Rescue Mission complies with applicable federal, state, and local employment laws, and strictly prohibits and does not tolerate discrimination against employees, applicants, or any other covered persons because of race, color, national original or ancestry, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, citizenship, parental status, marital status, political ideology, or current or prospective service in the uniformed services. This policy applies to all terms, conditions, and privileges of employment including recruitment, employment, training, and promotion opportunities. Based upon Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act, and the U.S. Constitution, Denver Rescue Mission has the right to, and does, hire only candidates who agree with our Statement of Faith and align with our Christian mission.

As a faith-based, charitable non-profit organization, we are committed to providing emergency services like meals and shelter, as well as long-term, life changing programs to individuals experiencing poverty and homelessness in our community. For more than 20 years in Northern Colorado, we’ve been changing lives in the name of Christ by meeting people at their physical and spiritual points of need, with the goal of returning them to society as productive, self-sufficient citizens.

Available Positions

Every position at the Mission is an opportunity for ministry and is vital to the fulfillment of our mission.

Looking for internship opportunities? Visit our Internships page.

Why Work at Fort Collins Rescue Mission?

Meaningful Work

Working at the Mission is more than just a job. Our staff members passionately believe in what they do and are dedicated to helping people in need change their lives, which in turn helps improve our communities.

Caring Community

By working together across all areas of the Mission, we are striving to make our organization a leader in how we care for, serve and mentor our guests, program participants and each other.

Health & Wellness

Your health and wellness are important to us. That’s why we offer generous health insurance options including an employer contribution to an HSA, an HMO plan with a FSA option, paid term life insurance, long-term disability and $1,000 adoption assistance benefit.

Vision, Dental & More

Employees can opt in for a dental insurance plan and a vision care package, and our Employee Assistance Program offers a wide range of confidential support, resources and referrals for every aspect of your work and personal life.


In order to help employees plan for their future, we offer a 401(k) retirement savings plan with matched contributions at 100% up to 5% of your salary.

Time Off

Our employees enjoy nine paid holidays per year, including your birthday off with pay and an additional day off for spiritual refreshment. This is in addition to generous paid vacation and sick time. And after five years of service, employees can receive additional paid time off for a mission trip.

Staff Development

We see our employees as individuals and are committed to encouraging and assisting their learning and career progression goals by offering an educational reimbursement up to $1,000 per year.


Every staff member receives a $25 gift card to celebrate their annual employment anniversary, and hallmark anniversaries for 5/10/15/20 years of service are marked with progressive rewards.

Internships at the Mission

Internships at Denver Rescue Mission offer hands-on experience in nonprofit, social work, human services, and ministry fields. You won’t be sorting envelopes or delivering coffee! You’ll make a lasting impact by serving alongside staff in the work we do every day to change lives in the name of Christ.

Why Do We Love The Mission?

“The reason I love working here is without a doubt the people, both those we serve and serve with. Everyone here is so engaging and wholehearted. There is nothing quite like being welcomed to such an amazing community dedicated to such an inspiring purpose.”
“The Mission is transformational. We get to see lives changed both in staff and the guests that we serve. Don’t be afraid to dive in. It is so amazing to be able to work with the guests that we do, and your path is open to whatever you want to make it.”
“I love working at the Mission because I have the opportunity daily to share the love and truth of Jesus with those whom society has rejected, ignored and often deemed beyond redemption. I get to pursue abundant life in practical ways with people, and I love it!”

Where is Fort Collins Rescue Mission?

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