We are committed to helping people who are experiencing homelessness and addiction in our city change their lives. Thanks to the support of friends like you, we meet their needs through meals, shelter, and long-term, life-changing programs.


For people experiencing homelessness and poverty, basic needs like food and water can be difficult to access.


Hunger and the health issues caused by malnutrition create instability and a seemingly endless cycle of brokenness and depression, leading some people to abuse drugs and alcohol as an escape.

We provide these basic services in order to build trust and develop relationships with the people we serve, encouraging them to consider long-term solutions.

Meals are available at the Mission 365 days a year, including special celebrations for:


Our Easter celebration includes a special chapel service and foot washing provided by volunteers.


No one should be alone for Thanksgiving, so we provide a festive meal with all the trimmings for our neighbors in need.


Christmas can be especially difficult when you’re experiencing homelessness, so we provide a holiday celebration for our guests.


Having a safe place to sleep at night is key to creating the stability that leads to life change.


We offer warm, clean and safe shelter every night to men experiencing homelessness in our city.

By solving a simple need like shelter, we enable people in need to focus on more important things like taking steps to join a long-term program, find employment or secure stable housing.

Shelter at Fort Collins Rescue Mission is for men only. If you are a woman, single mother or family seeking help, contact us for services that may meet your needs.

New Life Program

The stress of living in poverty or struggling on the streets often leads people to abusing drugs and alcohol as an escape — creating a cycle of brokenness. Our New Life Program equips men to overcome these challenges and develop a renewed sense of hope.

New Life Program

Broken relationships, job loss, lack of education, and drug and alcohol addiction are common obstacles our homeless neighbors face every day. Over time, these struggles can become their new normal, until all they can see in themselves is brokenness, hardship and failure, leading them to believe they will never be able to make changes. In the New Life Program, we equip men to overcome these challenges and develop a renewed sense of hope and identity.

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New Life Program Services Include

  • Case management
  • Counseling
  • Spiritual development
  • Work readiness
  • Life-skills education
  • Accountability
  • Financial management training
  • Cultivating healthy relationships
  • Housing readiness

The New Life Program isn’t just a 30-day detox program. It’s a one year, immersive, foundation-building, life-changing program. While in the program, some participants earn their GEDs and go on to higher education. Some qualifying participants even receive a vehicle when they graduate.

The New Life Program is for men only. If you are a woman, single mother or family seeking help, contact us for a program to meet your needs.

Changing Lives Every Day

Your support changes the lives of people experiencing homelessness every day.
Thank you for partnering with us to help people in need.