April 19-25 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week! The theme of this year’s week for the Mission is Changing lives always needs volunteers. We could not think of a more fitting theme given the current circumstances of the world.

It’s simple. Our volunteers are superheroes. They are a solid rock foundation that has fortified programs and services towards accomplishing our mission of changing lives. No matter what is happening in the world our volunteers have reflected God’s unwavering love for us the past 128 years.

In 2019, we had 16,520 volunteers step up to the plate. We are thrilled to give the community a snapshot of the passion and commitment these volunteers bring to the table every day. Read their stories below.

Thank You For Volunteering With Us!

2020 Volunteer Appreciation Week 8


Volunteers at:
Fort Collins Rescue Mission, Kitchen

Time at the Mission:
2 and a half years

Why the Mission:
” I love being able to cook for people – my Italian mother taught me that food is love!” Tenaya said.

Tenaya’s Moment of Impact:

Seeing how truly appreciative people are of being treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. It saddens me that it’s not an every day experience for some of the guests that we serve, but I am glad that they can find it here.


Volunteers at:
Fort Collins Rescue Mission, Chapel Services, Kitchen Service

Time at the Mission:
4 years

Why the Mission:
“Getting to know some of the people and knowing that I am serving the Lord,” Art said.

2020 Volunteer Appreciation Week 6

Art’s Moment of Impact:

“I will say first within my church. I assumed the lead role when the person before me was praying for someone else to lead the ministry. Since then, I have kept the ministry going and just recently, our youth group has been getting involved. At the mission, I have been called pastor, chaplain, minister and I find that humbling. I am not trained to be this, I simply share stories about how the Lord rescued me from my alcoholism, how he has lavished His grace upon me, and how much hope I now have. It’s never been about me; it’s all about Jesus. How can it be anything but?  And so, I feel that if I can impact the lives of those who need hope, to help them know who Jesus is, then this is my reward. “


Volunteers at:
Denver Rescue Mission, Harvest Farm

Time at the Mission:
9 Months

Why the Mission:
“Volunteering at the Mission allows me to serve others. Through our shared experience, we learn, heal, and grow together. We serve each other.”


Volunteers at:
Fort Collins Rescue Mission, Chapel Service Praise & Worship Team

Time at the Mission:
3 years

Why the Mission:
“We like the interaction with the guests. We love sharing our music and the Word with them,” they said.

2020 Volunteer Appreciation Week 7

Moment of Impact:

“We have had great response from the audience. We see their eyes light up when we speak about Jesus to them. Plus, their appreciation back to us for coming to the Mission and sharing ourselves with them is so healing to our hearts. It’s like family church. They have something to offer us that lifts our spirits as much as us trying to lift their spirits. It is a win-win experience serving at the Ft. Collins Rescue Mission.”

Feeling Inspired?

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