What is your role as a Change Maker, and what inspired you to start volunteering at the Mission?

I began volunteering weekly as a prayer encourager about two years ago. A woman from our church had a daughter who was experiencing homelessness, and she started volunteering at the Mission and listening to the women share about their days and praying for their needs. I was greatly impacted by her example and by the women’s responses to her listening ear and heartfelt prayers. I began to join her each week.

How has your experience being a Change Maker impacted you personally?

I love to hear the women pray for and encourage one another. Often, they are the best encouragers to their peers. They are a great example to me of what it is to be honest, grateful and willing to share.

Is there a particular moment or memory during your time volunteering that stands out to you?

I love celebrating the women’s victories! It’s especially satisfying to hear when they have found jobs, been approved for housing or met goals. I also love watching them relax, create and find joy when several people from our church have given manicures or hosted a paint party or a winter “shopping” night.

In what other ways has City Park Church partnered with the Mission?

We’ve partnered through serving meals, donating items, leading church services on site, serving up hot chocolate, music, and conversation outside the Mission, and hosting Saturday events like manicures and paint parties.

Why do you think Fort Collins Rescue Mission matters to our community, especially during these trying times?

Fort Collins Rescue Mission is on the frontlines helping those in economic hardship, which many are experiencing right now. They provide a stable environment for people to land to have their basic needs met, but they are also structured to help people move forward from where they are—to find hope and purpose.

Amy Gilliland

Amy Gilliland is a Change Maker for Fort Collins Rescue Mission. She lives in Fort Collins with her husband of almost 38 years, Brad, and serves alongside him as he pastors City Park Church. She loves interacting with people, studying the Bible and cooking with her adult sons

This post is a part of July’s Changing Lives Newsletter. This month’s edition, Better Together, features many of the heroes on the front line of this pandemic.