Bekah Hawthorne

Bekah Hawthorne

Bekah is the Missions and Outreach Director for Mill City Church, which provides monthly support for Fort Collins Rescue Mission through our Pathways of Hope program.

What initially inspired Mill City Church to get involved with the Mission?

Mill City Church has been partnering with the Mission through donations and volunteering since the beginning of 2022. I stepped into my role in 2023 and have since learned about the immense impact the Mission has in our city. It is a gift to not have to meet the needs of our community alone, but to partner with an organization that is already doing such an excellent job. We continue to partner because of the vision of hope that the Mission has, and the tangible need they meet in our community through the love of Christ.

Do you have a favorite memory from your involvement with the Mission?

My favorite memory with the Mission was the 2023 Christmas banquet. A group from our church helped to plate a full and delicious meal for the men of our community, and it was special to see them gather around a table for a holiday dinner. While I scooped many ladles of hollandaise, I got to enjoy the fun of serving and witness the men impacted by a meal!

In what ways has supporting the Mission personally impacted your life?

Supporting the Mission has impacted my life through increasing my empathy and eyes to see the need for dignity and compassion in Northern Colorado. The work of the Mission is to meet men where they are with the love of Christ, and serving and partnering with them forms that same mission in me. Whether in the walls of the shelter or beyond, I feel compelled to see people as Jesus does and extend kindness and dignity. It is so worth it to visit, to volunteer and to begin building relationships.

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