If you travel just north of Wellington, Colorado, right off I25 you’ll find Harvest Farm, a haven of hope and transformation for men seeking to break free from addiction and homelessness. This unique facility offers a life-changing rehabilitation program, the New Life Program, to 72 men in need. The New Life Program at Harvest Farm provides comprehensive programs including:

  • Work readiness training
  • Academic and vocational studies
  • Counseling
  • And more.

But even more than that, the Farm provides a safe space away from the city, away from discouraging pasts and away from harmful negative influences, allowing participants to grow and create change in their lives. Operating under the umbrella of Fort Collins Rescue Mission and Denver Rescue Mission, this 100-acre farm and rehabilitation center has proven to be an empowering environment for men in the New Life Program who are working to break the cycles of addiction and homelessness.

First Impressions and First Interstate Bank

“We want to give a good first impression to those who visit our facility,” says Jason Bryant, Director of Operations Northern Colorado. “The admin office at Harvest Farm is by far the most visited building at Harvest Farm. Whether it is intakes, volunteers, donor meetings, outside agency support, or many other activities, this floor gets A LOT of wear and tear,” he says.

The floor in the main administrative offices has seen better days. “The carpet has worn out over more than a decade of use, which has resulted in quick fixes here and there,” Jason says. The result is a “mish mash of flooring” within different offices and different floors. Add to that a brief flooding issue that has since been resolved, and you can understand why this building needs a new floor.

That’s where first Interstate Bank comes in.

Lorna Reeves, Giving Representative for First Interstate Bank, says, “First Interstate BancSystem Foundation helps our local communities by investing in important issues, initiatives, and projects. Our Philanthropy committee focuses on the bank wide priorities of poverty, hunger, homelessness, and housing to name a few. Upon meeting the team at the Fort Collins Rescue Mission, our committee felt an instant connection to their mission and the programs focused on transforming lives of their participants in the New Life Program at Harvest Farm.”

“Floored” By Your Generosity

First Interstate Bank recently awarded a $10,000 grant to Harvest Farm to help solve this flooring challenge. Last year, First Interstate Bank collectively awarded $9.1 million in support to various causes across 14 states. Grants are awarded after careful consideration by the local market, their foundation staff, and board of directors, and this year, we’re honored that they have chosen Harvest Farm as one of their grant recipients.

“This organization has been consistent with the success of the Harvest Farm 2022 participants with 47 graduates and 93% of graduates remained in housing one year later. These results are admirable.”

Lorna Reeves, First Interstate Bank Giving Representative

Two of First Interstate Bank’s core values are “People First, Always” and “Commitment to Community,” and nothing speaks to the truth of that more than their partnership with Fort Collins Rescue Mission and Harvest Farm. It is a testament to the bank’s commitment to social responsibility and its deep-rooted belief in the power of transformation. “We are proud to partner with the Mission in making a difference in individuals’ lives and impact they are making in the community. We congratulate them on receiving this grant award,” Reeves says.

We’re so grateful for this grant and the impact it will have. After all, it’s more than just a floor. Investing in our facilities in this way is a tangible expression of how much we believe in the potential of men who have made mistakes, been marginalized and been overlooked. It is a resounding affirmation that they are not alone, that there are those who care, who recognize their inherent worth, and who are committed to walking alongside them on their path to redemption. “We want to want to be a donor funded, non-profit facility that looks just like any ‘for profit’ facility serving the broken who are seeking a new life,” Jason says. “Installing brand new consistent flooring within the most heavily visited building on the property, will give us the opportunity to do just that. We want to exhibit a high quality of service to our participants and staff, and enhance the experience of outside organizations that serve alongside us to provide support to our participants.”

A Strong Foundation for Change

In Matthew 7, we read about the man who built his house on a rock, making it safe from the winds and the rain. Of course, Jesus was referring to building your life on God’s Word, and a strong spiritual and relational foundation is what we seek to provide the men who join the New Life Program, so they can weather the storms that life may throw at them.

In a way, this updated flooring will provide a physical foundation for everyone who comes through our administrative offices, and we’re so grateful for the opportunity to make this improvement to help those we serve. “We are very grateful as a staff to have the opportunity to do this and look forward to the supportive and healthy environment this will provide,” Jason says.

On behalf of Fort Collins Rescue Mission and Harvest Farm, we extend our heartfelt thanks to First Interstate Bank. Your commitment to making our community stronger, healthier and more vibrant resonates with our vision of empowering individuals to overcome challenges and lead fulfilling lives. Your support will enable us to continue our vital work, providing men in our New Life Program with the opportunity to grow, learn and ultimately reintegrate into society as self-sufficient, empowered individuals. Thank you, First Interstate Bank, for being a cornerstone of positive change in our community.

Change Lives With Us

Together, we are changing lives in the name of Christ, addressing the root causes of homelessness, and providing hope to those who need it most.

Written by: Robert Bogan, Digital Marketing Manager