Dan’s Journey to Restoration

Harvest Farm, a 100-acre farm in Wellington, is a refuge for men to overcome addiction and homelessness. Dan, one of the participants in the Farm’s New Life Program, struggled with alcoholism until he made the choice to step away from a lifestyle that was dragging him away from his family. That’s when Dan decided to come to the Farm.

The Farm has provided a space for Dan to overcome his addiction, restore his relationship with his family and grow in his faith. Watch Dan’s video story to learn more about the structure of the program and how it has helped him take the necessary steps to change his life. Hear from Seth Forwood, senior director of Fort Collins Rescue Mission and Harvest Farm and Steve Pietrefeso, Harvest Farm program coordinator, about the ways they are able to connect with and support the participants through each phase of the program. For Dan and others, Harvest Farm serves as a stepping stone to transform their lives and see that transformation extend out to their families, churches, and communities at large.

Written by: Linneya Gardner, Content & Photography Intern.