Dear Friends,

This month’s theme for our newsletter is Hope for a Promising Future. When I pause during this Easter season to think about hope, I find myself thinking about Jesus’ disciples on the Friday Jesus was crucified, died on a cross and His body was placed in a tomb. They were just a mess as they thought that people might be coming to do the same thing to them. They were frightened, their world was in shambles, their leader was gone, and they had little hope based on what had just happened.

This is how people like Andrew, featured in this month’s newsletter, feel when they come to us—they do not have much hope. They are in trouble, and it is hard to be hopeful about the future.

It was only three days later—when Mary Magdalene came running to the disciples to say the stone over Jesus’ tomb had been moved and that she had seen the Lord—that their lives changed forever. They found their hope again, their hope for a promising future, when Jesus appeared to them. They realized by seeing and touching His wounds, that He had been resurrected and was alive!

I cannot say that we have anything as exciting as the bodily resurrection of God’s son at Fort Collins Rescue Mission, but we can tell all who come to us that Jesus is alive! There is great hope for the future for those who ask us for help. Our guests who have sadly been without hope, see the love of Jesus in our staff and volunteers’ faces and are hopeful once again. The future is promising when you can shed the chains of addiction and get a second chance at life with Jesus at your side.

Because of you, and your generous gifts and prayers, we get to be like the disciples of Jesus’ day, sharing the hope of the resurrected Jesus, not just this Easter season, but every day of the year. You too, like the people we serve, have a promising future because of the hope that Jesus brings.

Letter from our CEO: Easter 2021

Brad Meuli has been President/CEO at the Mission since 2001. Brad joined the Mission after a 17-year career in banking. Previous to his staff position he served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Read his full bio.

This post is part of April’s Changing Lives Newsletter. This month, we’re telling Andrew’s story of hope at the Mission’s Harvest Farm.