The road to recovery takes many steps—some are small, some are giant leaps and some require a “re-do.” Everyone has a different path, but the one step everyone must take if they desire to get out of homelessness or break free from addiction, is to have the courage and desire to change.

Here at Fort Collins Rescue Mission, staff have the privilege of encouraging men who are experiencing homelessness or struggling with addiction to seek change. As men come in for shelter and meals, we get to build relationships with each person. We meet them where they are, both physically and spiritually. We provide a safe place to sleep, hot showers, warm food to eat, and prayer for those who want it. When we see men who want a change, we connect them to our case manager and to other resources within the community. For those struggling with addiction, we encourage them to go to our recovery program at Harvest Farm.

“Getting up and walking” can be scary for some. We at Fort Collins Rescue Mission get to be the voice of Jesus and ask, “Do you want to get well?” We offer hope and encouragement and cheer the guys on when they take each small step toward self-sufficiency. And, if they fall, we are here to help them up and go at it again. When they’re ready to “get well,” we are here to help them “get up.”

In this month’s Changing Lives newsletter, Mike shares how he heard God calling him to “pick up his mat” and take the next step forward in his recovery walk. Thank you for partnering with Fort Collins Rescue Mission to support men like Mike by offering hope and encouragement to those who want to make positive changes in their lives.

Leadership 8

Paula Ordaz

Director of Fort Collins Rescue Mission

This post is part of July’s Changing Lives Newsletter. This month, we’re telling Mike’s story of hope at the Mission’s Harvest Farm.