Having someone to look up to like Abel, Rodney and Tommy helps current participants at Harvest Farm feel supported and motivated on the road to recovery. As peer leaders, they are graduates of the New Life Program who are dedicating their time to share their experiences and mentor others in the program.

By listening, sharing their own experiences, facilitating fun activities, and more, peer leaders help promote the transformative power of a healthy community and provide an environment where personal growth and recovery can thrive.

Meet Our Peer Leaders


I was defeated by drugs and alcohol. Just spiritually dead. I wanted to end it all. I was asking God, if He existed, to come help me.

When I came here, I came ready to give it all to God.

My experience here has been life changing. I think what’s helped me the most is the community. Just seeing others like me who were in the program who are doing good. Just knowing that there is a chance.

I wanted to come to the peer house to be able to share with others what helped me. I encourage them to reach out to staff and to us. I talk to them about how their day is going. I remind them about reading their Bible and to stay focused on the present moment.

My goals now are to continue to have Jesus first, second and third in my life. And then, of course, for me to be okay so that I can also be a good father, be a good friend, be a good role model. I want to someday become a peer coach specialist.


I remember getting dropped off with my brother on our grandparents’ front porch. Our dad was on drugs on the streets and our mom was struggling at the same time.

Then, at 25 I started my years of barhopping and experimenting with drugs. I was making some poor choices.

This program is helping me realize where I was falling and has helped me to build better and new habits. We don’t have to bring anything but ourselves here. I have grown up, matured and found God.

I truly believe the peer house has definitely changed my life. Working with these men in certain situations, it’s definitely showed me a lot of patience that I didn’t know that I had. I’m thankful to our donors and this staff, because I couldn’t have done it without y’all.

For more of Tommy’s story check out our blog “I Have My Brother Back.”

Rodney was a mentor to Tommy before Tommy also became a peer leader. “Rodney really inspired me because he spent time with me. I really looked up to him. I connect with him like a brother. I love you bro, you changed my life.”

Rodney was a mentor to Tommy before Tommy also became a peer leader. “Rodney really inspired me because he spent time with me. I really looked up to him. I connect with him like a brother. I love you bro, you changed my life.”


For my whole life, I had substance abuse issues. The first time I ever tried methamphetamine I was 11 years old. Then it just got stronger and stronger.

I really started going through depression. Once everybody pushed away, I felt alone. That’s when I started feeling like I wanted to try something new.

When I came here, I didn’t know if I was ready to be done with my substance use. I realized I was done with it forever when I hit about six months in.

I had never felt better, and I was getting so many good things accomplished. Just having the opportunity to be somewhere where I could be clean and sober and around good people who were trying to better their lives helped me in so many different ways.

I started hanging out with people on the Farm, working, creating my own art group, and going to school for digital cinematography. Now, I’m a peer specialist not only here on the Farm, but through the Murphy Center and Garcia House. Once I got clean and to a place where I was able to explore those options, it made life feel like it’s fulfilled.

Building Connections

Peer leaders intentionally reach out to men during their first 30 days in the program—often the most challenging time for men in recovery. After the first 30 days, our staff has “Thursday 30,” or a time to acknowledge and celebrate these men during devotions, by praying over them and giving them an opportunity to have a cup of coffee with their case manager outside Harvest Farm.

Last year, peer leaders spent


hours making


connections with program participants.

“Matt just hit his 30 days. I was able to connect with him and I saw a lot of me in him when I first got to the Farm. He was just thankful for the love and attention of someone to talk to.”
-Tommy, Peer Leader

“It was one of the most impactful experiences of my life. The fact that the Farm prioritizes this with their resources and time shows me that I matter to you.”
– Program participant at his “Thursday 30”

Learn more about the connections built through our Peer Leader Program:

“I did get to give one of the donors a hug and shake his hand in church. Just that connection, I just started bawling. That was beautiful. He’ll work miracles if you just give your life to Him.”

Thank You for Changing Lives

You have made a huge impact on Abel, Rodney, and Tommy, and your generosity can make a difference for so many others.

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