At Harvest Farm, a remarkable rehabilitation and recovery center, a transformative program known as the Peer Leader Program is making a profound impact on the lives of individuals seeking a fresh start. This program serves as a support system for both current participants and graduates of the New Life Program, allowing successful graduates to pass on their experiences and mentor others.

By fostering self-sufficiency, connectivity and a healthy community, Harvest Farm’s Peer Leader Program aims to empower individuals to become productive members of society.

(To the Right) Peer leaders Abel, Tommy and Rodney help men in the New Life Program at Harvest Farm as they grow through various challenges.

Guiding Principles of the Program

The Peer Leader Program at Harvest Farm operates with a clear mission: to empower former graduates of the New Life Program to invest back into the community by supporting current participants. By sharing their own lived experiences, these Peer Leaders play a crucial role in guiding individuals toward self-sufficiency and productive lives. The program promotes the transformative power of a healthy community and guided discipline, providing a supportive environment where personal growth and recovery can thrive. 

Partnerships and Funding 

To sustain and expand the Peer Leader Program, Harvest Farm has established a meaningful partnership with Larimer County Behavioral Health Services (LCBHS). Harvest Farm was successful in securing vital funding from LCBHS four years in a row to support the program but also relies on additional funding sources to enable the continuation of long-term initiatives.

Collaborations with entities like LCBHS are pivotal in ensuring the availability of comprehensive programs, that make a lasting difference in the lives of program participants. 

Program Achievements 

Over the past year, the Peer Leader Program at Harvest Farm had remarkable achievements, reflecting the dedication and effectiveness of the program’s approach.  

Peer Leaders Trained:

Throughout the year, the program has successfully trained four Peer Leaders so far in 2023. 

Total Connections between Peer Leaders and Program Participants:

The Peer Leader Program facilitated an impressive total of 3,140 connections between Peer Leaders and program participants. These connections serve as invaluable opportunities for guidance, empathy and support, fostering a sense of community and shared experiences. 

Total Connection Hours:

The dedication of the Peer Leaders is evident in the 998 hours they spent connecting with program participants last year. 

New Life Program Graduates:

The New Life Program, which serves as the gateway for participants at Harvest Farm, had 48 graduates.  

Jobs Obtained:

An essential aspect of rehabilitation and reintegration into society is gaining employment. The Peer Leader Program played a significant role in helping these program participants secure employment, with an impressive 78 jobs obtained by program participants. 

(Above) Peer leaders and staff often get together and pray with one another, particularly for program graduates and their new future after graduation.

Harvest Farm's Peer Leader Program: Empowering Recovery and Building Stronger Communities  2

Post-Graduation Success Rate:

The ultimate measure of the program’s effectiveness lies in the success of its graduates beyond Harvest Farm. A remarkable 96% of New Life Program graduates achieved positive outcomes in their lives post-graduation, emphasizing the life-transforming impact of the Peer Leader Program.

(To the Left) Peer leaders make a significant relational impact on the lives of the men we serve. For many, experiencing homelessness and addiction is an isolating and traumatizing experience. So having someone who understands firsthand the challenges you’re facing is life changing.


Thank You for Making Life Change Possible

The Peer Leader Program at Harvest Farm is a testament to the power of community, guidance and shared experiences in facilitating recovery and self-sufficiency. We can only do this amazing work because of our community partners and supporters, so please consider volunteering or donating today.

Written by: Charles Tieszen, Communications/Youth Intern