Fort Collins Rescue Mission had their first open house yesterday morning. I got to go check out the facility, along with 50 other people from the local community.

The Mission opened its doors at 10 a.m. and staff members gave tours of the men’s and women’s rooms, as well as the kitchen, dining and common areas. The Mission has made HUGE strides since Denver Rescue Mission acquired the building last winter. Through generous donations and hard work, the place is really coming together. There were innumerable repairs to make and it’s impressive to see how far it’s come.

team prayer before the open house begins

I remember going up the first time and seeing flickering bulbs and leaky pipes, but hearing enthusiasm in the voices of the new staff. Now, the rooms are bright and tidy with new mattresses and the kitchen is fully equipped, constantly turning out delicious food. The staff is still enthusiastic, now implementing a Steps to Success program and offering classes and counseling.

the new and improved men’s room

I’m so excited about the work going on in Fort Collins and also very appreciative of the community getting involved. Running a homeless shelter is no easy task and a supportive network of businesses and people in the Fort Collins area will be crucial to fulfilling our mission of Changing Lives in the Name of Christ. Thank you to all of you who attended!

Want to be part of the change?