With so many changes and new ways of operating due to COVID-19, one thing remains the same; the promise of new life. At Harvest Farm, we see signs of new beginnings all around. Whether its new baby goats or new graduates from our program, spring is in the air!

It’s rather quiet on the Farm, but we welcome the solitude. Quietness offers a place for God to be heard, souls to be filled and hearts to be restored. The men in our New Life Program continue their fight for recovery with adjusted schedules and limited activities. The new animals bring immense joy to what can be a challenging journey.

New Members of the Harvest Farm Family

In the interest of keeping things lighthearted, we wanted to share a few new members of the Harvest Farm family. Pictured to the right is Aria.

This little one was malnourished after birth due to her mother not taking to her. As sad as this sounds, it is a very common thing with larger litters. She is being bottle fed multiple times a day, cared for and loved by our program participants to keep her strong and healthy. Below are her brothers and sisters.

Spring is Happening at Harvest Farm

Our newest members on the Farm are the bee’s knees. Literally. We got more bees!

With the hopes to harvest loads of our own honey, the newest project on the Farm commences with the addition of four new hives. We’ve got our hands full of honey and hope to have our stomachs full too.

In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

1 Peter 1:3 NIV

We find hope in Him through this difficult time as we continue to see his promises shine in the little things. His creation is a sweet reminder he is active and present and making all things new.

You Can Help Provide Hope Too

We urgently need volunteers to help serve meals—especially breakfast—in May at The Northside Aztlan Community Center. If you’re able to help, please sign up to serve with us today.

Written by: Ellis Petrik, Community and Event Specialist