David Gregg, an architect and home builder for 25+ years, is the chief of Mission Homes CO’s daily operations. Stephanie Gregg, director of charitable giving, distributes funds and connects and volunteers with the MVP charities. Adopting their teenage daughter in 2013 was a catalyst to a new mindset to focus on giving time, talent and treasure in meaningful ways. Through Mission Homes CO, their vision is to build affordable homes that are “Built Just Right, Built on Purpose, and Built to Give.”

Will you share about the purpose and heart of Mission Homes Colorado?

Our vision is to help rediscover affordability in the new home marketplace. We desire to give purchasing power to potential buyers who don’t need or can’t afford the current average American new home by providing single-family homes priced from the mid-$200s. Our heart is to build quality homes that help people create wealth, while sharing a portion of our profits with select charities that help those in need

Why did you choose Harvest Farm as one of your charitable partners and how are you supporting the Farm through this partnership?

Stephanie: I have a dear friend whose brother successfully completed the New Life Program at Harvest Farm. While he was there, I joined her in praying for him, which was such a personal blessing, and he’s gone on to work for Denver Rescue Mission. In addition, Mission Homes CO has a Charitable Giving Advisory Team who bring charities to us for our consideration. Christian Anderson, an advisory team member, advocated for Harvest Farm, and it was chosen as one of our 10 2019 Most Valuable Partner (MVP) charities. Twenty-five percent of Mission Homes CO’s profits get split between 10 local, Northern Colorado and international MVPs. We are excited to give a contribution to Harvest Farm as its MVP portion from our phase one construction of 17 homes.

Why does Harvest Farm and Fort Collins Rescue Mission matter to you?

All of the charities we support have a strong emotional tie to our collective history, whether it is a path our personal lives have taken or some kind of support we’ve needed or received. It is a blessing to support organizations like Harvest Farm who go deep into saving lives with love, hard work, camaraderie, and in-depth knowledge of support systems to help men get clean, learn skills, have realistic and fair expectations, and live productive lives.