You read these words a lot from me, I work with incredible people.

Denver Rescue Mission is more than a building, more than a non-profit. It’s made up of people who are passionate about serving our community. We have people that work in accounting. They make sure we are ethical, paying our bills, tracking budget, and much more. We have people in programs, working directly with men women and families helping them achieve self-sufficient lives in practical ways. And then we have people that help raise funds so we can all continue to do what we love and help as many people as possible. Today, Susan Scratchley, Major Gifts Officer for Fort Collins Rescue Mission and Harvest Farm, is sharing her passion!


Every day I am grateful for the opportunity I have to impact the lives of people who desperately need a second chance. I see their faces and hear their stories. I hear hopelessness and sorrow in their voices at first, but I get to listen as those emotions are transformed into hope, joy and a love of God.

My best story is when I was volunteering during the Mission’s Easter Banquet, giving hygiene supplies to the homeless as they left. One of the women asked me if I was sure she could take the toothbrush and toothpaste I was trying to give to her.  The woman was older and had a blue windbreaker on that didn’t seem durable enough to protect her from the cold, and she seemed scared at the offer of a gift.  She felt that no one cared enough to give her anything.  When I told her that it was simply a gift with no strings attached, the most amazing smile surfaced on her face. She thanked me with tears in her eyes. Even a small gift of kindness can bring incredible meaning into someone’s life.

These stories let me know how important it is for me to focus on the work that I do as a fundraiser. Every minute lost takes away from an opportunity to truly change a life, because the lifeblood of our ministry and the work we accomplish to help people change their lives (spiritually and physically) are the money, resources and outside support raised.

I give thanks each day that I am part of a committed team of professionals who have the training and expertise to deeply engage people to raise the support needed. This year the Major Gifts team accomplished the following:

  • Raised approximately 30% of the Mission’s operating budget
  • Developed relationships to secure large in-kind donations, such as cars, building supplies and land
  • Increased awareness for the work being done by meeting with people and organizations in our community

As a fundraiser, we want to inform our community to know that there is no better place than Denver Rescue Mission for them to make a 180 degree difference in a person’s life. We will share stories about the people we serve and we will ask for the support needed to transform their lives.  Because the work being done at the Mission needs to flourish.

Meet Susan, Fort Collins Rescue Mission and Harvest Farm Major Gifts Officer