Kristy Neeley

Kristy is a wife and a homeschool mom of five. She currently helps run the outreach ministry in her church, which includes working with those facing homelessness. She is a big believer that everyone has a role to play and making yourself available to God will put you where you need to be to say “Yes” to whatever He brings your way!

What inspired you to get involved with Fort Collins Rescue Mission?

I was working to help run a soup kitchen somewhere else Sunday nights and I wanted more contact with [those experiencing homelessness], as I enjoyed getting to know them and sharing Jesus with them. I have been volunteering for about six years. I started back when there were chapel services and I loved going and offering prayer. I also would come out front where everyone was lined up, offering prayer and visiting with the guests of the Mission.

What do you do as a volunteer both at the Mission and Harvest Farm?

I have led Bible studies, served dinner, helped with chapel, visited with the guests, offered prayer and friendship, and picked guys up for church [with my husband] on Sunday. I run them all back after the service to the Mission and head back for the late service when my Harvest Farm friends come so I can encourage and pray for them. What a blessing it has been to see them growing in the Lord! I also lead a team from my church that serves dinner two times a week. I have so loved working in the kitchen, mostly because I love to get to know the guys.

What is one of your favorite memories from volunteering?

I love to share hope, love and friendship with people who don’t know how valuable they are to the King. One of my best memories was on the side of the road in front of the Mission holding hands with an elderly Vietnam veteran who—with face lifted—was crying, calling out to the Creator for forgiveness and making peace with God as he knew he was near the end of his days. I haven’t seen him lately and am so grateful we got to share that moment where he was able to make peace with his Maker. Getting to pray with people finding God’s forgiveness for the first time is unforgettable and the inspiration to keep me coming!

How has volunteering at the Mission personally impacted you?

It has given me so much joy in loving on others and so much purpose knowing my time with these guys has eternal value for all involved. I have seen all kinds of things that have spiraled people into homelessness. Regardless of the cause, everyone is made in Christ’s image and deserving of dignity and love. I love being a part of where God is moving and getting to be used by Him!

This post is part of July’s Changing Lives Newsletter. This month, we’re telling Mike’s story of hope at the Mission’s Harvest Farm.