Lisa Carlson

Lisa Carlson

Lisa is a retired nurse and supports Fort Collins Rescue Mission by donating and volunteering weekly in the office. She also bakes cakes to celebrate each graduate from the New Life Program at Harvest Farm.

What inspired you to get involved with the Mission and the Farm?

When I first retired and decided I wanted to spend some of my time somewhere helping people, I thought I’d try a few different places, and just the people at the Mission are really wonderful. As I kept meeting people, I thought, “I’m just amazed at how genuine everyone is.” Then when I heard about Harvest Farm and the graduates, I just thought, “Wow, they’ve had all these obstacles and pasts that I can’t even imagine. I wish there was something I could do to acknowledge their accomplishment.” Ever since I was a kid, I was into baking, so that was when I thought, “Well, you could bake them a cake.”

What do you hope a homemade cake means to the graduates at the Farm?

Lisa Carlson's cakes

I put their name on it because I think it’s always special to see your name. What gave me the idea for that is my sister’s husband who was a firefighter and he used to bring cakes in for guys. He made a guy a birthday cake, and later on, that guy told my sister, “No one had ever done that for me before.” Growing up my mother made whatever cake I wanted every birthday, so it’s just astounding how different people’s lives have been.

Why do you think supporting our neighbors experiencing homelessness is especially important during the holidays?

So much of the giving that goes on at Christmas is for people who don’t need anything. When you’re racking your brain of what to get so and so, they probably don’t need anything. So, what a perfect time to focus on people who need so much instead of spending money on people who don’t need anything. Maybe that person would even appreciate a donation being made in their name.

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