Matt Morgenstern

Matt joined the New Life Program at Harvest Farm in search of freedom from his addiction. He graduated the program in March 2019, and three years later, he stays connected to the Farm through his work and his continual journey of recovery.

What was life like before joining the New Life Program at Harvest Farm?

Life was tough. I really had no control over my drinking and drug use. I was very isolated. It felt like I was in a jail in my mind, whether I was on the streets or actually in jail. When I got to Harvest Farm, I showed up spiritually broken. The Farm changed my life. My life had gotten so bad, but I met a lot of really good people up there who gave me some really good guidance.

What have you been doing since graduating the program?

I built a successful business, my own paint company, MGM Color Solutions. I also work for Pure Energy as an independent contractor. Pure Energy replaced light fixtures at Fort Collins Rescue Mission through a grant. I’ve been staying connected, which is something that’s really kept me clean and sober. I go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at the Farm, and I have for three years since I left. There is a run club, which absolutely changed my life and I go to it to this day. I run with the guys who are like me, who could barely run when they got there, and I donate all my old shoes to those who are willing to try running. I have really built a community through those things.

What does it mean to you to stay connected in these ways?

It means everything to me. I just hope that when I when I go there, I plant seeds with some of the guys and carry a message of hope and recovery. I hope that I can help one person find some of the spiritual and mental freedom that I found from the Farm. It fills up my cup and that’s what keeps me going back, helps me stay in recovery and keeps me moving in the direction that I am. The Farm healed a relationship with my sons, gave me a marriage and gave me my family back, and I just hope that some of the guys up there have the same experience I had.

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