Trina Markey

Trina has been volunteering regularly in the kitchen of Fort Collins Rescue Mission for a year and a half. She has worked for State Farm Insurance for 30 years and is married with two high school boys.

What inspired you to get involved with the Mission and volunteer multiple times a week?

My brother has gone in and out of homelessness. He is still with us because people who didn’t know him were willing to step up and help. I wanted to be there to serve the hungry, just like those who helped my brother when he needed it most. The need is there and, selfishly, it feeds my soul to help others. It also allows me to get to know the guests and see them as they progress down their path.

Do you have a favorite memory from your time volunteering?

The meals are always amazing, but I will never forget the first time we served fried chicken while I was there. The kitchen was crazy with how much effort it took! The guests could tell how much love and care went into that meal for them too. It was such a vibe in the building that it was almost buzzing with hope and thankfulness.

As we reflect on the resurrection of Jesus this Easter, how have you seen the guests receive forgiveness and a second chance at the Mission?

I have seen so many of the guests grow while I have been there. Those who accept Jesus in their life are able to get beyond whatever they need to put behind them to make a new life. From simply praying before a meal to creating a prayer circle for someone in need, they know they have something to give in this life and that hope just keeps spreading.

In what ways has volunteering impacted your life?

Even if I am having a rough day, I know my volunteer time at the Mission will re-energize me and reinforce that even doing small things for others and giving hope is all you need to get by. It has made me want to do even more in my community. I feel such a connection with all of the guests.

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