Homeless service leaders from different organizations and backgrounds in Northern Colorado have come together to form the Fort Collins homelessness committee. The group’s purpose is to recommend new or improved services for the city’s homeless population.

Josh Geppelt, Denver Rescue Mission’s Vice President of Programs, is on the board. The Coloradoan recently published an article about the committee and asked Geppelt how he felt about a centralized campus.

Leadership Team 23
Josh Geppelt is the Mission’s Vice President of Programs and serves on the homelessness committee in Fort Collins.

The Mission Plays Role in Fort Collins Homelessness Committee

Geppelt said a campus could eliminate the distance those experiencing homelessness need to travel in a day to access services.

Since 2012, Fort Collins Rescue Mission has provided meals, shelter and life-changing programs to people experiencing homelessness and poverty in Fort Collins and neighboring communities.

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