Dear Friends,

We all have a story. The story of my time with the Mission began in 1987 when I started as a volunteer at Denver Rescue Mission and when I came on staff in 1999, almost 25 years ago.

Our story in Northern Colorado started with Harvest Farm, 36 years ago helping men turn their lives around through the New Life Program. When we took over Fort Collins Rescue Mission in 2012 there were many challenges. Some of my proudest moments include watching God work as our services have grown and changed to meet the needs of this community. I am grateful for you, our supporters, who have come alongside the Mission through it all.

This past year alone, we provided 107,069 meals and more than 60,000 nights of shelter. While we are proud of our service to the most vulnerable in our community, we never forget that each number represents a person—a soul—created in the image of God, who we are commanded to love and care for as we walk alongside his path out of homelessness.

It has been my honor to shepherd this Mission for the last few decades. I praise Him for all He has done and am grateful that this work will continue because of your compassion.

Letter From Our CEO: July 2023

Brad Meuli, President/CEO

My Name Is…


After 20 years of struggling with addiction and homelessness, Kevin has moved from the Mission’s shelter to stable housing with a newfound faith.

“It makes me want to do better for myself, and the Mission made that possible. It gave me structure and stability and made me realize I can do it.”


Caleb went from wanting to end his life, to coming to Harvest Farm and finding a relationship with Jesus and wanting to live his life for Him.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. To realize that people need help and allowing God’s love to flow through you, I’m forever grateful.”


Abel was defeated by drugs and alcohol. Now, he is a graduate of the New Life Program and encourages others as a peer leader at Harvest Farm.

“My experience here has been life changing. I think what’s helped me the most is the community. Just seeing others like me who were in the program who are doing good. Just knowing that there is a chance.”

You made an impact on people’s stories of homelessness through…




Nights of Shelter

Thank you for giving hope to stories of hopelessness through . . .






Volunteer Hours

Our Why

Constance & Chantal
Creative Writing Facilitator Volunteers

“Every story is worth telling. Writing has given the men at the Farm an opportunity to express themselves and approach their feelings in another way. It truly is a therapeutic, social and meaningful experience. We usually laugh a lot. Sometimes we cry. It’s the best part of our week. We encourage sharing after a writing session but don’t force it. Sharing stories is one of the best ways to teach and value empathy in a society. These guys are so amazing and inspirational and can teach us so much about strength, resiliency and courage.”

You helped men start a new chapter through . . .


Harvest Farm New Life Program (NLP) Graduates


NLP One-Year Success Rate in Housing


Individuals Obtained Housing


Individuals Become Employed

Our Story Continues

In an ever-changing world, we remain faithful to our mission as we adjust to meet the growing need in our community.

This year, we are doing big things! Our plans to build a 250-bed shelter are moving forward. We are welcoming a new President/CEO to the team this year. Our leadership team continues the charge on our three-year strategic plan.

As part of the strategic plan, we unveiled our Christ-Centered Approach and will continue to implement these four key points into our company culture.

Engage Mercifully

Loving our neighbor as ourselves, without judgement.

Work Holistically

Recognizing that we are complex beings who require complex solutions (biological, psychological, social, and spiritual).

Speak Truthfully

Speaking hard truths: first to ourselves and then into the lives of the people we serve and systems we engage within.

Believe in Miracles

Believing that all lasting growth and healing depends upon the miraculous work of God.

Because of you, our story continues to help rewrite stories of homelessness for so many neighbors in need. Thank you for your generous support.