On World Homeless Day, it is more important than ever to offer the kind of love to our neighbors experiencing homelessness that is exemplified in the Bible over and over again.

This day is meant to spread awareness, to educate, and to reveal the stories behind the people you may pass by each day. It’s time to address the stigma surrounding homelessness around the globe, and to understand that you have the power to help.

4 Ways to Make a Difference for World Homeless Day 2020

“‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”
Mark 12:31

World Homeless Day was created ten years ago, on October 10, 2010 to address the needs of the homeless community while utilizing the platform an international day provides to create lasting change. We can all play a role in this change and work together to give hope.

“I have realized that it’s by grace, through faith that we have been able to serve our neighbors experiencing homelessness and help guide them toward lives of self-sufficiency and fulfillment in Christ.”

Brad Meuli, Fort Collins Rescue Mission President & CEO

There are many ways you can get involved on a local level and ultimately change lives. Here are four ways you can come alongside the Mission not just on World Homeless Day, but every day.

1. Educate Yourself

Through learning more about the issues facing those experiencing homelessness in your own city, you can become more equipped to break down stereotypes and to have valuable conversations with others about these issues.

Not sure where to start with learning more about the topic of homelessness? Check out some of our latest blog posts that tackle certain topics:

2. Spread Awareness

Simply sharing articles on stories or local issues on social media, highlighting service providers, or even using the hashtag #WorldHomelessDay on October 10 can help provide much needed exposure for different resources or opportunities to promote change.

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3. Give

Donating funds or items to the Mission can provide tremendous relief and enable us to continue to serve the needs of our vulnerable neighbors and participants in our programs. You can help make a difference by donating here.

The Mission is also appreciative of donated items such as non-perishable food, clothing, furniture, household items, hygiene items and vehicles.

Your donations help provide meals for people in need, clothing for men and families in our long-term programs, household items for people struggling to make ends meet, vehicles for program graduates, and more!

Want to donate food, clothing or other items? You can find all the donation details and drop-off locations here.

4. Volunteer

Giving money and items aren’t the only way you can make an impact—you can also donate your time by volunteering. Opportunities to provide hands-on help are some of the best ways to support the Mission and our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

Even in the midst of the pandemic, the Mission is still in need of volunteers 365 days a year for meals at multiple locations.

The ability to interact with the people you serve, to hear their stories, and to let them feel understood and valued are some of the most important as well as rewarding aspects of volunteering.

You can step in to help change lives by signing up to volunteer with the Mission here.

This World Homeless Day and the days that follow, we hope you continue to take active steps to get involved, to hear stories, to provide hope, and to ultimately love your neighbor.

Written by Emily Tromp, PR & Events Intern