The Mission in My Words: Krista Smith on Serving with the Mission

Krista Smith has worked at Human Bean, a locally owned drive thru coffee shop for 16 years. What started as a college job working as a barista, turned into managing two different locations and now, working as the assistant director of operations.

Will you describe Human Bean’s partnership with Fort Collins Rescue Mission?

While coffee is where we start, we put our heart in our community, and the owners Frank and Kay
Sherman are very passionate about Fort Collins Rescue Mission. The Human Bean has been hosting a baking item drive for many years now, and our management team has also volunteered to prepare and serve meals. We like to keep our donations local, and with the Mission so close to our North College shop, it just felt like a great fit.

What does it mean to you personally to get to partner with the Mission?

Working for a company that gives back SO much into our community has really opened my eyes.
There are many different needs in our community, and when we can it is important to give back. You never know if you will be the one in need in the future. Everyone should have food resources and it is important as a community that we fulfill this need for others. The holidays specifically can be a really tough and lonely time for some. I hope to raise my two sons with the same will to give to others.

What is your favorite part about doing baking item drives at the Mission?

I love when The Human Bean hosts these drives! It’s so convenient and easy for the public to be
involved. It’s always so awesome to see people come with bags and bags of items—our customers are seriously some of the most generous people. One year we baked cookies with the supplies we acquired, decorated them and then served them as dessert with dinner at the Mission. It was very cool to see the items we collected and baked into delicious cookies, serve those in our community.

This post is part of December’s Changing Lives Newsletter. In this edition, you’ll read about Brad’s journey from needing help to helping others on their journey.